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The Panasonic StainMaster features a setting that specifically targets difficult curry stains from clothing, BBC News reported Friday. The new machines were released by the appliance and electronics company following customer complaints that their washing machines were not properly removing food stains. The new machines also include five additional cycles aimed to remove other stains, like sauces, sweat, oil and a specific setting for cuffs and collars. It took Panasonic two years worth of testing water flow and temperatures to perfect the curry setting, and the tests followed research on what ingredients went into a curry meal that would result in difficult stains. The machines are only available in India, but consumers elsewhere clamored for the new home appliances following their debut: Why only for the Indian market? I want one of these! The washing machine with a curry setting, one person wrote on Twitter. The company said similar machines each one complete with unique food stain settings would be released in Asian markets to combat stains from foods in other countries, according to BBC News. Panasonic India first announced that it would be debuting lines of washing machines and air conditioners in February, specifically targeted to the Indian marketand that the appliances would be addressing needs specific to the location. The company said that it would also be debuting เสื้อผ้าเด็ก a new air conditioner called the Sky series, where each conditioner would be able to cool entire rooms by directing the air at ceilings and walls.

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