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Of course, Padme Amidalas no average person, and so she decides to wrap herself in a beautiful, attention-grabbing floor-length gown with a crescent headdress. In her defense, the dress does have a hood that she can use to obscure her face. Bonus: heres the headdress from another angle and Queen Jamilla, who succeeded Padme. #11: The Villa Retreat Dress ชุดคลุมท้อง สีดำ In her more carefree moments, Amidala tends to go for airy, flowing gowns with impractical trains and plenty of shoulder breathing space. This dress is no exception to the rule, but its one of the only ones she wears to incorporate multiple shades in a single piece of fabric. #10: The Secret Wedding Gown Amidala was trying very, very hard to ignore the fact that she was marrying a man whod just murdered a bunch of children on his home planet when she was wearing this dress. One imagines that it wasnt all that hard to do, because the dress is dripping in pearls and lace. #9: The Naboo Victory Celebration Gown Compared to most of Amidalas other looks, this dress has a recognizable real-world inspiration: Elizabethan fashion. This look went on to inspire RuPauls Drag Race season 6 contestant Trinity K. Bonet. #8: The Decoy Deathbird Gown & The Handmaiden Disguise Theres a lot going on here.

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