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Japan toughens screening rules for refugees; automatic work permits ditched

The ministry said it will abolish the work permit starting Monday, claiming it has been abused by numerous immigrant workers whose real goal is to work in Japan for longer periods. Under the new rules, the ministry will divide applicants into three categories and quickly give work permits to those deemed highly likely to be recognized as refugees. Meanwhile, those who cite reasons that the ministry says do not fit a 1951 refugee convention could face deportation, officials said. These include people who seek refugee status simply to land jobs and those who appear to be fleeing financial trouble, the ministry said. The U.N. Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of 1951 defines refugees as individuals who possess a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.” The government strictly interprets this convention and does not accept applicants who cite only economic difficulties. Those who apply for refugee status three times without legitimate grounds are liable to be deported or sent to a detention center. But under the new rules, some first-time applicants could face deportation if the ministry determines they don’t meet the criteria stipulated in the 1951 convention. The ministry also will no longer give temporary work permits to those who come to Japan with student visas or as part of the technical intern program — and then apply for refugee status when those visas expire. The Justice Ministry claims the new rules were drawn up to help quickly identify those who are truly in need under the 1951 convention, because a flood of job-seekers abusing the system has considerably delayed the screening system for other applicants. But Eri Ishikawa, board chair of the Japan Association for Refugees, fears that toughening conditions for work permits sought by those seeking refugee status may especially hurt those facing financial strain.

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Haitian TPS expires on January 22nd however USCIS still hasn't posted the registration form so Haitians might lose their jobs since they depend TPS & work permit renewal. @Maria_Hinojosa @JuliaPrestonNYT @tedhesson @UnivisionNews @FoxNewsLatino @marcorubio @JoseIsWriting @nytimes