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"It brings in a lot of money to Liverpool. Hotels hire staff but ultimately the profits end up in shareholders' pockets. As a Liverpool business we use local builders to refurbish properties." Mr Davies said he understood the need to limit holiday lets in cities with a severe housing shortage like London. But he said "regulation" and not just "limitation" was needed. "In Liverpool I think it's slightly different. We are not New York or London. We are trying to grow and compete with these cities. One of the ways to do that is to attract more visitors," he said. "I would welcome a licensing system to make sure properties are fit to rent, with licences revoked if they are abused. Those who rent responsibly should not be punished because someone else decides to abuse the system." But Ms Robertson-Collins said there was still risk of a damaging long-term impact. "Obviously having a strong visitors' economy is great and we don't have the same problems as London with rent levels at the moment.


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Woman <a href='http://pairsonice.net/'>talks about it</a> tries six-month shopping diet to save money | Daily Mail Online

'Whenever I find myself in the city, I find that I'll waste an hour or so at the shops. I also spend evenings browsing online websites like The Iconic. I really don't need anything new. 'By the time you get to your thirties, you most likely have a wardrobe full of clothes and things that can be worn to different things.  'By taking on this diet, I want to both find the time to focus on the non-material things in my life and give myself some space from the highs and lows of shopping.'  Nikki revealed that she is an emotional shopper, but wants to re-evaluate both her relationship to cash and where she draws her fulfillment and value from (stock image) How to draw cheapest online shopping sites in usa the most from a shopping diet  * Take joy and value from the little things, whether they be enjoying a coffee at home with a friend or going on a walk with your family. * Re-assess what you have in your wardrobe and fall back in love with those items. You may find a new belt gives an old dress a huge lease of life. * Focus on what you're doing and who you're seeing and learn to draw fulfillment from them rather than material items. * Stop browsing the Internet and online shopping and use your time productively.  * Use your most popular shopping sites newfound leisure time in a productive way, whether it's through work or a new hobby.  So what exactly does the shopping diet look like for Nikki? Beginning on January 15 this year and going on until 16 July, Nikki told FEMAIL that she can't purchase anything except beauty products which are a necessity, like foundation, cleanser, moisturiser, mascara and hairspray. 'I can also buy presents for other people, and only if an item of clothing is sold, can I use that money for shopping.' The sexologist also explained that she is allowed to 'finish off the decorations in her apartment, but only chairs for the table, a lamb, buffet and outdoor plants': 'If something needs to be purchased for my work, like a microphone or electronic equipment or ink for the printer, then I can get that too,' she said.  'It's all about trying to re-find the balance in my life,' Nikki explained.  'This is an experiment to look at enjoyment and where I draw my value from.' Speaking about why a shopping diet could be beneficial for many of us, Nikki told FEMAIL that we can all use a lesson in fulfillment: 'In the age of Instagram, we are constantly flaunted with this idea to want something because we are not good enough,' she said. 'We often look at fulfillment as something that comes from an object and that approach is dangerous as a material object will never change how we feel.' During her shopping diet, Nikki said she is learning to draw value from the small things, whether that be enjoying a coffee with a friend at home or catching up with family on a walk: 'Already I feel as though a weight has lifted off my shoulders,' she said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5276617/Woman-tries-six-month-shopping-diet-save-monet.html

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