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New Fire TV App Email Aside from PJ days at elementary schools, wearing pajamas outside ชุดนอนซีทรูราคาถูก ชุดนอนไม่ได้นอน ราคาถูก of the home remains more of a rarity than the norm. But one fashion analyst predicts that 2017 will revolutionize the way Americans view their sleepwear, thanks to a longer-term trend of what he calls casualization of clothing. In other words, its one step from casual Fridays to wearing pajamas as a typical daytime outfit. Still, it may be baby steps at first, given that NPD analyst Marshal Cohen is predicting that pajamas will become mainstream as weekend wear, with adults rolling out of bed and heading to meet friends for brunch in their robes or nightgowns. Yet its not any old L.L. Bean vintage flannel nightgown that will do: fashion blogs are pushing high-end items such as Guccis $1,750 new flora print shirt , which comes with matching bottoms, or Givenchys $1,690 floral pajama top . There are two gifts that men historically never wanted to open on a holiday: underwear and socks. But over the years, socks have become trendy, a... The next generation of casualization will mainstream the use of pajamas as weekend wear, Cohen wrote in a blog post earlier this month. This is not a new concept college students have been doing this for years but now it will be embraced by those who didnt just have an all-nighter cramming for a final. Still, college students arent exactly dressing for professional success, which may explain why its become acceptable for students to roam around their campuses in PJ bottoms. Some stars and entertainment figures have also turned up to events in PJs, such as Empire producer Lee Daniels, who wore light-blue PJs to a press event to promote his show. Whether those sartorial ขาย ชุดคอสเพลย์ choices will expand within the adult population -- who have co-workers, families and community members they might not be thrilled to bump into while dressed in pajamas -- remains to be seen. Aside from the encroachment of PJs into everyday life, Cohen has a few other forecasts for fashion in 2017.

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