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Disabled parking space This is compared with the previous distance of 50 metres under the DLA. 'Left housebound' The charity Muscular Dystrophy UK said 900 cars are now being taken away every week, as more people are rejected for PIP. Campaigners, including the Conservative MP Peter Bone, are now demanding changes to the Motability programme, so that vehicles are not taken away before claimants have had a chance to appeal against a decision. Mr Bone said: "You need it for mobility purposes and maybe you use it for work, but because you lose your PIP award you lose the car at the same time. "You appeal against the PIP award and ultimately the tribunal awards you back the PIP, but you've already lost the car and maybe your job because of it." Labour MP and former work and pensions minister Angela Eagle added: "What's happening in the worst cases is, from being mobile and being able to get out and about in a car, that's been removed and this may mean people have had their ability to live their life at taken away, and some of them are left housebound." Mother's mobility 'tested with a tickle' Image copyright PA Sam Adams, 41, had her Motability vehicle taken away from her in June last year after being reassessed for PIPs. Ms Adams, who has multiple sclerosis, says the assessor did not see her walk. "How she came to that conclusion, when she's not seen me walk, she's not seen me walk up and down stairs - all she did was tickle my hand with a feather. "What conclusions she was coming to from tickling my hand with a feather, I'll never know." she said. In previous assessments the 41-year-old, who originally qualified for a vehicle in 2014, said she had been asked to walk up stairs and physically show how mobile she was.

For a business casual workplace: Interviewing for a business casual workplace like a start-up doesn't mean you can dress like a start-up founder, wearing sweatpants or shorts. You still want to look crisp, according to the fashion expert. Women can wear a pair of trousers , a button-down เสื้อคู่รัก ราคาถูก shirt or blouse and a well-fitted blazer . "Try to make it feel young and fresh," she says. For men, similar rules apply. "Wear a pair of work pants or trousers," she says, "and a nicer button-down shirt than you wear on the weekend." For both men and women, pay attention to your shoes. Avoid those that look extremely worn in, have scuff marks or look cheaply made. For a business formal workplace: Ladies, this is time for you to break out your paint suit or a professional dress with a blazer. Men, a well-fitted suit is your go-to. You want to pack a punch with this outfit.

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